Cheara Moreira

Owner of Vida Curves


As a working mom of two, I’ve been through my share of body image challenges. After giving birth to my daughter I committed myself to a fitness journey. Since then I’ve wanted to inspire other moms and women to embrace not only their bodies but their health journeys as well. I just didn’t know how I would go about doing it.

Being quarantined during the unfortunate Covid-19 pandemic, I have had time to reflect and really bring my vision to life... Vida Curves!


After 12 years, I’m finally putting my degree in Fashion Merchandising to use. My message is clear, embrace your curves and be your best most-beautiful self, even when in lounge wear. You dont have to be in heels to make a fashion statement.

This brand is more than just a name. It’s about a movement, it’s about empowering women and letting them know that life comes with all kinds of curves. Im hoping that vida curves gives women the courage to flaunt those curves proudly.